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Monday, 9 May 2016

UK: The EU Referendum Campaigns, Winding Up the Rhetoric

Getting really out of hand: Cameron, Brexit will increase risk of Europe descending into war

And a Telegraph Cartoon by Matt:

From The Telegraph

From The Guardian

However we vote, the elites will win the EU referendum, Irvine Welsh

''It is pretty obvious that the debasement of the human mind caused by a constant flow of fraudulent advertising is no trivial thing. There is more than one way to conquer a country.''

Raymond Chandler (1888-1959), U.S. author. Letter, November 15, 1951, to his New York literary agent Carl Brandt. Raymond Chandler Speaking (1962). From Poem Hunter.

Getting the facts clear on the economic risks of remaining in the EU - Vote Leave's letter to David Cameron - The Telegraph

Conservative donor withdraws support over David Cameron's 'irresponsible' EU campaign - The Telegraph

"Priti Patel, a Government minister, accused Mr Cameron of "undermining" the Conservative manifesto by warning that the triple lock on pensions could be at risk if the UK votes to leave.
She said: "I simply think this is just an unrealistic statement, another intervention that is quite frankly there to terrify pensioners in a quite demeaning way."

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