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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Greece: PM Tsipras condemns sanctions against Russia

From BBC News

Εμβάθυνση συνεργασίας με τη Μόσχα - Deepening cooperation with Moscow - A warm climate in bilateral Greece - Russia relations and a mutual desire to further deepen and broaden cooperation (eKathimerini)

Putin and Tsipras seeking to profit from historic ties - "Russia has shown interest in buying Greek railway company Trainose and the port of Thessaloniki, the country’s second largest"

Πούτιν: Λύστε το πρόβλημα με τις βίζες και θα στείλω τρία εκατ. τουρίστες!

Is Vladimir Putin really trying to break up the EU? (BBC) -  "Hybrid Warfare or Soft Power?

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