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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

EU, IMF, Greece Bailout Loan Developments: Two Tranches

The Guardian: Eurozone unlocks €10.3bn bailout loan for Greece - Meeting in Brussels ends in agreement at 2am after IMF waters down its demands to placate Germany and payment is split into two tranches

Kathimerini: Συμφωνία κάτω από τον πήχη για το χρέος

Eurozone hails 'breakthrough' with Greece, IMF debt deal

New Deal Aims to Forget Greece, Not Forgive It, Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg

Greece Debt Relief to Pivot Around Germany's 2017 Ballot, Bloomberg

Will Greek debt deal really change anything? BBC News

Κερδισμένοι και χαμένοι από τη συμφωνία, eKathimerini

Αλλαγές στο ασφαλιστικό ζητούν οι θεσμοί

Αυξημένος ΕΝΦΙΑ για 485.000 ιδιοκτήτες

Σοκ ΦΠΑ στην οικονομία

Ετσι θα γίνει το «κούρεμα» σε δάνεια και οφειλές στην εφορία, MSN/

Lagarde remote control makes Europeans doubt IMF role in Greek deal, Reuters

Glitch in bailout talks fuels fears of delay in loan disbursement, eKathimerini

Deal with Greece will not work, says Guy Verhofstadt, EU Observer - “Greece is passing a lot of legislation, but is not implementing it. It is shocking to see that 74% of the legislation that has been adopted since the first bailout package has never been implemented. If we keep our eyes closed to this reality, the new tranche will again be a waste of tax payer’s money...The only way to save Greece is by radically modernising the country. The Greek government should make a more serious effort to combat clientelism, reform the public administration, modernise the justice system, make sure that taxes are collected and put in place targeted tax cuts for SMEs.”

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