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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Tropical Rain Storm

I don't think I have ever driven in heavier rain than I did in Corfu last night.

Several days of really bad weather, but there was a pause in the rain for a few hours, long enough for a stimulating meeting with my friend Demetrius Dallas, at the Cafe Yali, Corfu Old Port.

We had so many topics of mutual interest to discuss, including Greek music, literature and etymology, and Epirot klarino players, that when the rain returned with a vengeance, it didn't seem to matter. Back at the hotel, there were many forlorn-looking souls wondering what on earth to do with themselves. Maria and I felt sorry for those with only a week on the island.

I must record here how extraordinarily kind and generous most Corfiot and Greek people are. On arrival, I had a serious problem with my car, which is still at the garage. Immediately our friends Lena and Aristides came to the rescue and lent us one of their cars. We are immensely grateful. Chronia Polla! Today is the name-day of Helena and Constantine (and all called Costas, Konstantina and Eleni/Lena).

When I saw this stone wall from a distance, I thought that at last something had been done to demolish the abandoned and derelict old seawall travel offices, once built like cave-booths into the mourayia (sea-walls) - tiny offices where I used to buy ferry tickets to Paxos, near the spot where I would load my car onto the Kamelia ferry (often with great difficulty, as the boat bobbed up and down in windy weather). The ruined offices were a real eyesore for far too many years. On closer inspection, the new "wall" turned out to be made of painted or printed canvas stretched across some rather expensive scaffolding. It might have been cheaper to build a real stone wall! But they're happy at the Cafe Yali, There are more yachts in the very expensively-constructed, but still unfinished and thus currently free new 'marina' (no water, electricity or other services, and a strong smell of sewage). I guess the yachties are also happy that they don't have to look at  a row of derelict offices.

For old photos, see The Archaeology of Tourism posting

Album recommended by Demetris Dallas - Δημος Μούτσης "άγιος φεβρουάριος"

I always liked Tetralogia

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