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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Greek Bailout Money: Expenditure and Political Implications; ESMT Press Release

Interesting study of the political implications.

ESMT White Paper (24 pages, pdf)

ESMT's Jörg Rocholl on Greek bailout study, DW Video

EU, creditors put Greece finances under the microscope, DW - "Sunday's bad news appeared in the German weekly Welt am Sonntag, which reported that Greece was trailing far behind on enacting the austerity demanded by its international creditors, calling the country a ship with no captain. That provoked an unusually harsh response from the prime minister's press office: The "diehard and unrepentant enemies of Greece" continued to rely on "disinformation and speculation."

Taxpayers appear reluctant to file their income tax statements (eKathimerini)

Everything Has Been Said Already. Perhaps Not By Everyone (Observing Greece).

Greece's Next Bailout Battle - Another Long Summer in Athens, Stathis N. Kalyvas

Half of €327bn Greek debt incurred by pensions. John Psaropoulos

IMF threatens to pull out of Greek rescue, Helena Smith, The Guardian

Ελλειμματικά τα Ταμεία παρά τις παρεμβάσεις στο ασφαλιστικό

Eurogroup set for showdown over Greek debt, John Psaropoulos 

Greek government turns focus to Eurogroup after securing vote on new measures, eKathimerini

Most people can expect to see their tax bills increase

Greek MPs approve toughest austerity measures yet amid rioting

Στα ελληνικά εστάλη η πρόταση για τον μηχανισμό διόρθωσης Times of Change, thanks to KTG for link)

Αφορολόγητο ανάλογα με τα παιδιά

Notaries call off strike after four months

The choice for Europe: rescue Greece or create a failed state - Paul Mason, The Guardian
More pain for Greece before debt relief, John Psaropoulos

Peter Spiegel on the "tortured paragraph"

“Automatic Contingency Measures” Roadmap – The Greek Proposal, Keep Talking Greece

Greek pension reform once again: Explaining its logic and issues, Platon Tinios Briefing Note (pdf)
«Κόφτης» 10% - 30% στις νέες συντάξεις με τον νόμο Κατρούγκαλου

Why Greece's financial crisis gives Europe the jitters, John Psaropoulos (25 August 2016), The New Athenian

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