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Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Authentic La Rochelle

Two places I've discovered, which have a genuine touch of "authenticity", local colour and atmosphere:

1) Guignette de la Rochelle, Cave de La Guignette, 8 rue Saint-Nicolas, "haut lieu reconnu des marins et de la jeunesse depuis 1933". I love their local drink, a fruity light white or red wine.

The original business, Vins et  Spiritueux Garcia, Fournisseur Pour La Marine, supplied wines and spirits to the ships setting sail from La Rochelle.

2). My second choice: take a table outside the market at L'Esprit  Marché, and ask for a tray. You can go inside the market to choose your own oysters, which the seller will shuck for you. When they're ready, you take them to a table  outside and order whatever else you fancy, maybe a glass or a bottle of wine.

A good photo here -  « L'Esprit marché » où les clients peuvent manger huîtres et crustacés qu'ils apportent des bancs voisins

Two venues to be seen with some old French favourites!

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