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Monday, 4 April 2016

Poundbury, Queen Mother Square: Planning Notice, Safety and Parking

I stopped to read this planning notice attached to the fencing in front of The Duchess of Cornwall. Some excellent ideas, I thought, additional parking spaces and zebra crossings, at last someone is taking the situation seriously, a vision for the future, proper needs and safety analyses...but change of use for The Royal Pavilion? Hang on...April Fool! Whoever wrote it (later revealed as Neil Crick) does have a good sense of humour. Maybe the one-way system/change of direction was a little over the top. And the writer could have kept the provision for extra parking spaces down to 400 cars...I might have been conned for 30 seconds longer. The 'modest proposal' was not quite modest enough.

Update, 13 April, View from Dorchester: "Poundbury photographer Neil Crick produced a clever photomontage as an April Fool for friends earlier in the month which shows the Square complete with a zebra crossing – exactly what the Duchy hopes to avoid".

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