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Friday, 15 April 2016

Greece: Primary Surplus Target; IMF Viewpoint

From Reuters - Greece's primary surplus target must be realistic -IMF's Poul Thomsen

"Thomsen said the discussion about what Greece needed to change now focused on its 'exceptionally generous' exemptions in its personal income tax, that effectively exempted 55 percent of households, while the euro zone average was 18 percent. Greece also had a relatively high income threshold from which tax had to be paid - 9,500 euros per year - more than in richer countries like Germany. He said that further tax rises would not work, but that Greece needed to broaden its tax base."

From The Washington Post - Matt O'Brien - "The crazy reason we might be facing a huge crisis in Greece again"

From Bloomberg - Schaeuble Says Greek Bailout Success Uncertain in Long Term

Greek Budget Numbers Boost Government Stance in Negotiations

A viewpoint from Observing Greece - The Return of the Past

Update: Standby (contingency) austerity measures a stumbling block - eKathimerini

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