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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Poundbury, Dorchester: Waitrose Expansion

Andrew, one of the most popular members of the Little Waitrose staff, on duty from 8am on this unexpectedly chilly Sunday morning, to advise customers of a delayed opening time (one hour) related to the beginning of building works.

DORCHESTER: Little Waitrose is set for expansion, Trevor Bevins

"Because of the likely disruption during building work the store will close at 5pm on April 9th, re-opening at 7am on Friday, April 15th...The company is also planning to increase its litter picking in the area close to the store – after comments from the residents association. Some night staff will be used to make sure the steps, walkway and car park in front of the premises are kept tidy. Once the square is occupied by other units, it is hoped that they will all share the burden of keeping the square tidy with Waitrose in the lead".

Residents have commented that more effort needs to be made to improve the image of the area, to control the litter in Queen Mother Square (and to steam-clean the stained pavements, walkways and stone window-ledges in the vicinity of this exemplary and successful store?)

In spite of the hour's delay in opening, I didn't miss much of the BBC's Andrew Marr show, where John McDonnell was making the case for a better industrial strategy for the UK: "Bring forward the shovel-ready infrastructure projects", he said.

At least Waitrose is shovel-ready!

Let's hope that the square can accommodate the increased demand for parking spaces.

How a Waitrose adds £40,000 to nearby homes: Having a supermarket close to your property can significantly boost the asking price -Mail Online

Update: now open, first morning, Friday 15 April:

Also of interest, a nearby development:

New Yarlington Housing Group Extra Care Housing, 63 one- and two-bedroom apartments, from Dorset For You - Funding for Extra Care Housing (pdf) 

Once the primary school and the Yarlington Housing Group building projects are completed and open, there could be quite a fight for parking places along Peverell Avenue East, current residents foresee. Is there insufficient provision for parking?

About Extra Care Housing

Students lay first bricks in new £10m Damers First School at Poundbury

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