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Friday, 15 November 2019

More Dorset Poems by Jim Potts

I found some more of my Dorset poems, which I'd almost forgotten about.

Here they are. I'll keep on searching.

Easter Sunday, Sherborne Abbey

I lost my camera
In Sherborne Abbey.
Right at the start of Matins.
We'd shifted our pew
For a better view-
But then I couldn't focus.
Hymns and psalms,
The preacher, prayers,
Readings from the Bible:
They passed me by,
(Canon's voice too high?)
I really wasn't with it.
Christ Has Risen,
But my camera's missing,
I'm ill at ease in Sherborne Abbey.

Retrieved, relieved,
Once the service ended.
That was a kind of blessing.

Taken Short

Your heart could stop
At any time.
Better smell those roses.

I'll Get Over It

I survived my father's death.
I survived my mother's death.
I guess I'll survive my own.



Liver, kidney, prostate, heart.
Six weeks with crutches,
My leg in a fibreglass cast.
Time enough to think of others -

Our incurable condition.


Good Augury

When I was seven
I won the School Cup
For being The Best All-Rounder.
Now that I'm seventy
I must admit
I have been a bit of a bounder.


Portland Tipping Bridge -
The Feuding Fisherman, who Trespassed on Quarrymen's Land.

They took him to the tipping bridge,
Across Cyclopean walls.

Weighted with stones to be tipped over the cliffs,
They threw him to the rocks below -

Like a waste catch thrown back in the sea.

School Holidays by the Coast

Kettle whistling in the caravan;
Reading comics –
A rainy day.


Running the Gauntlet (Historic House, National Trust)

All these eager volunteers
Hover in wait to fill us in:
Thanks; no thanks!

Organic Sandwich

My wheat-free, organic-olive,
tuna sandwich
(naturally-sun-dried tomatoes)
Was somewhat hard to swallow.

It seemed to shout

West Bay

Poised for attack, on guard, aggressive-
Crabs’ claws threaten.
Their meat is sweet.

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