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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Salonika Remembers (The Salonika Campaign, 1915-1918); The Forgotten Front

About the programme to mark the centenary of the Salonika Campaign 1915–18

Salonika, The Forgotten Front

A "Muckydonia" Pantomime Programme, Kalinova

Photo above from "The Salonica Side-Show", V.J.Seligman, London, 1919

The following photos and map from "Salonica and After, The Sideshow that Ended the War",
H.Collinson Owen, London, 1919

Book list from The Mosquito:

From The Mosquito, Vol III, No.23, September 1933, pages 55-63,
  A Salonika Shrine,  by the Editor

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