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Saturday, 12 August 2017

William Barnes and Greece - the Dorset Poet on "Grecian Maids"

"With Barnes Around the World" (William Barnes Society Website)

Sonnet XVIII, Grecian Maids

Oh! lovely were the Grecian maids of old

When, hand in hand, in heathen holydays,

They sang the solemn hymn, or traced the maze

Of sacred dances, bright with gems and gold;

Or, clad in robes of white or purple, stroll'd

In holy groves, or myrtle-border'd ways;

Or sat and swept the light-toned lute, and told

Wild tales of love, or sung some hero's praise:

But lovelier were the Grecian maids to see

At Greece's Gospel morning, when as yet

The Christian daughters of the holy Paul,

All meek with godly grace, and gather'd all

Within their Christian house of pray'r, they met

With holy kisses at the Agape.

Photos from Corfu, Andros and Zalongo
(photos below by JP):

Grecian Maids, from a Dorchester Antique Store:

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