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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Amanda Wallwork, South Dorset Ridgeway Field Guide and Maps

From Amanda Wallwork:

"The concept behind the Field Guide and maps is to highlight how the unseen geology beneath our feet dictates or influences the landscape we see today. From landforms, soil, plants, wildlife and early human intervention - all relate to the rocks below the surface. The colours on the maps indicate the type of rock and its age of formation. In contrast to geological maps that use a universal colour coding system, I have used colours that approximate the actual colours of the rocks – a link to my Colour of Time work. The maps also show prehistoric sites - this area has an astonishing range, field boundaries - including the names of fields where known, and other notable features. The accompanying Field Guide gives an introduction to this remarkable landscape and some of the things to look out for. The Guide and maps come as a package and are a handy pocket size - about the size of a smart phone - the maps fold out to A3 and are laminated".

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