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Monday, 14 November 2016

William Barnes: Preferred Words, "Englished" Vocabulary

An Outline of English Speech-Craft (pdf) - see pages 47-83

From Barnes' Fore-Say: "I have tried to teach English by English, and so have given English words for most of the lore-words (scientific terms), as I believe they would be more readily and more clearly understood, and, since we can better keep in mind what we do than what we do not understand, they would be better remembered... there are tokens that, ere long, the English youth will want an outline of the Greek and Latin tongues ere he can well understand his own speech".

Random Examples:

Absist. Forbear.

Acephalous. Headless.

Alienate. To unfrienden.

Amicable. Friendly

Posterity. Afterkin.

Salubrious. Healthy, halesome.

Septuple. Sevenfold.

Sophistry. Rede-guile, rede-cunning.

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