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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Bridport, Dorset: Clocktower Music; Vinyl Records; Vintage HiFi; Roy Gregory and Mark Dicker.

Over the last forty years, since 1977, I've been a regular visitor and occasional resident in Bridport/West Bay, which has always had a lively blues and music scene. The Saturday market is a great draw, as are the quarterly Vinyl Saturday events.

Roy Gregory has lived in Bridport since 2006; I often visited his market record stall and the quarterly Vinyl Saturday events which Roy founded.

Now he and his colleague Mark Dicker run the excellent Clocktower Music shop at 10a, St Michael's Art and Vintage Quarter/Trading Estate, Bridport.

I hadn't read the "60 Second Interview" in View from Bridport when I told Roy the shop must be one of the best of its kind in the South West:

"Clocktower Music has been described by many of the patrons as one of the most fun record and CD shops in the South West" (View from Bridport).

I heartily agree. Both Roy and Mark are friendly and well-informed about the music and the technologies, old and new, and there is a rehearsal sound recording studio at the back of the shop.

Not only do they buy and sell some great and collectable records, they also buy and sell restored radios and record-players (they call on the expertise of two highly experienced engineers).

If you hurry, you might even find a copy of my own rockabilly blues CD, "On the Memphis Road!", recorded at the Sun Studios, Memphis. Next time I want to rehearse or record, I'll be "On the Bridport Road". I can't wait.

View from Bridport, 30 November 2016

"In Clocktower Music we buy and sell pre-loved vinyl records, hi-fi & guitars.

We also host our own live YouTube stream via our 'Fly On The Wall Sessions'from the heart of deepest, darkest Dorset.

You will also discover our adapted vintage valve and transistor radios to play music from Spotify and iTunes etc; a fantastic way to listen to the warm sounds through great sounding retro radios from the 1950's through to the 1980's.

Clocktower Music in the Art & Vintage Quarter, Bridport, founded the nationally famous 'Vinyl Saturday' (2008). The event was one of the kick-starters of the national revival in vinyl records. The importance of the idea of re-branding 'vinyl' media was recognised by being voted 'Record Fair of the Year' across Europe by international magazine 'Record Collector'.

Clocktower Music premises have a long history related to hi-fi. In the 1980's it was home to the production of some of the finest audiophile pre-amplifiers and equalisers in the world. The sound-boards in the Sydney Opera House were built on these premises".

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