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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

UK and Poland : workers' rights after Brexit; Expats and the Discrimination Risk

From EUobserver - "The UK has told Poland its nationals can stay after Brexit if British nationals can stay in the EU"

From The Guardian: Huge backlog as EU citizens rush to secure British residency

British expats would be left high and dry by quick EU deal, says Theresa May, The Telegraph

Brexit: 1m EU citizens in Britain 'could be at risk of deportation', The Guardian

EU citizens in Britain post Brexit vote

Donald Tusk blames British voters for expats' EU uncertainty, The Guardian

Post-Brexit discrimination is a greater fear than deportation for Europeans, Wolfgang Münchau, FT:

"Imagine the nearly 1m Polish residents in the UK having to relocate to Poland or more likely to Germany. It is not going to happen....European citizens in the UK are understandably worried about their future. The big concern for many of them is not deportation but discrimination. Once the UK is out of the EU, there will be no European Court of Justice to protect their rights to non-discrimination. EU nationals in the UK may have to apply for residency permits. They may have to join queues for non-UK nationals at airports. They may have to pay the extortionate university fees for non-EU students. For many EU nationals who live in the UK, therefore, the question of whether they are allowed to stay may be less important than whether they can afford to stay — or even whether they would want to stay under those circumstances. UK citizens living in the EU will not be in quite the same situation. They, too, lose rights but as residents of EU member states they will still live under the umbrella of EU law."

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