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Monday, 14 November 2016

UK: Social Care for Older People Report; The King's Fund; Stay Connected in Older Age Guide; Independent Age

Read the report (pdf)

"Local authorities have sought to protect the most vulnerable older people with the highest needs, while at the same time encouraging others to be independent, drawing on the resources of their families and communities, and to reduce dependence on support from the state. For many people the experience of needing to find and pay for care comes as an unpleasant surprise for which, in general, they are unprepared. Unpaid carers will also be expected to do even more".

"The success story of longer lifespans means there are many more people with care and support needs arising from a mixture of physical health and mental health conditions including dementia and frailty in old age. But the system is in trouble. Even before austerity gripped public spending in 2010, the state was able to meet only a proportion of older people’s care needs; the remainder had to use their own resources, financial and family, to support themselves".

How to stay connected in older age (Independent Age Advice Guide, pdf)

"Loneliness just creeps up on you. None of us think it will happen to us, but suddenly it’s there – you’re on your own".

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