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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Brexit court defeat for UK government

I suspect that many members of the government will (privately) be relieved by this legal judgement:

Brexit court defeat for UK government, BBC News

British court delivers blow to E.U. exit plan, insists Parliament has a say, Washington Post

Parliament must vote on Brexit, England’s High Court has ruled, EuroNews

The day the Brexit hit the fan

Reaction to court ruling on Brexit vote, BBC News

'This had to be done': Gina Miller on her Brexit legal challenge, The Guardian

'Enemies of the people': British newspapers react to judges' Brexit ruling - The Guardian

Will the article 50 ruling stop Brexit? Our panel responds - The Guardian

Enemies of the people: Fury over 'out of touch' judges who have 'declared war on democracy' by defying 17.4m Brexit voters and who could trigger constitutional crisis - MailOnline

Taking back control, The High Court rules that Parliament must vote to trigger the Brexit process - The Economist

The plot to stop Brexit: the judges versus the people - The Telegraph

Courts, democracy and Brexit: Some home truths - Professor Mark Elliott

Why I will not allow the British people’s vote for Brexit to be sabotaged, Theresa May, The Telegraph

Farage and Miller, Andrew Marr Show

Longer extract

The High Court rules that Parliament must vote to trigger the Brexit process, The Economist

Truss and May forced to defend article 50 judges after public backlash, The Guardian

Albert Weale: The Constitution of Democracy and the Pretensions of the Plebiscite

As I suspected: "That the claim of the plaintiffs could properly go before the courts was agreed as much on the government side as on the plaintiffs’ side. Indeed, it is easy to see the government welcoming the challenge in order to secure legitimation for its pretension to executive authority by a court judgement in its favour. The case was not about whether Brexit should happen but how it should happen", Albert Weale.

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