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Friday, 16 September 2016

Voodoo Drums, Robert Stone, Bay of Souls; Vodun; Vodou

From Robert Stone's "Bay of Souls", a powerful description of 'voodoo' drumming on a Caribbean island - see pages 163-164, from "Concentrating on them..." to "they could draw spirits out of the dark".

"It occurred to him that if he opened himself to the drums he might find himself anywhere at all. He might be emptied of himself, turned into a shifting of the sand at the bottom of the sea outside his window. The drums were in nature, he thought, as surely as a bird call and its answer. They came from a place where the human touched everything else in the world, a secret crossing where they could draw spirits out of the dark".

Robert Stone interview by Robert Birnbaum in Identity Theory, May 11, 2003

Voodoo Drums on YouTube:

African Voodoo Drum Music

Haiti Voodoo Drum Music

Haiti Voodoo Music

Note the comments on vodun and vodou

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