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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Look familiar? Queen Mother Square, Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset

From Mail Online -"Prince Charles has built a spectacular replica of Buckingham Palace in the heart of his 'Utopian' village in a touching tribute to his late grandmother. The huge palladian property sits in the heart of Queen Mother Square, the centrepiece of Poundbury in Dorset, which is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall".

"Despite the apparent similarities between Buckingham Palace and Strathmore House, a spokesman for architects insisted they had not been intentional.The spokesman said: 'Buckingham Palace was never the inspiration for Strathmore House. The major influence for all our work at Queen Mother Square is the English Palladian tradition.'"

BBC News: 'Buckingham Palace lookalike' flats snapped up

The Telegraph: Prince Charles's Poundbury gets its very own Buckingham Palace

Dorset Echo - Luxury flats at Strathmore House in Queen Mother Square at Poundbury

The Times - Clive Aslet - "Charles has silenced the ‘toytown’ sneering"

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