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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Greece: IKA Still in the Era of the Floppy Disc?

That's what I understand from this Kathimerini article:

Στην εποχή της δισκέτας έχει μείνει το ΙΚΑ (ΡΟΥΛΑ ΣΑΛΟΥΡΟΥ)

Maybe I've misunderstood...I am told that IKA is far more helpful, up-to-date and efficient than this article seems to suggest.

Other controversial claims:

Bild article - "So tricksen die Griechen bei Reformen"

KTG article - Claims: Greece has adopted 38% of agreed reforms, but implemented only 13%

eKathimerini: Μαχαίρι στις δαπάνες κοινωνικής πρόνοιας

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