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Friday, 19 August 2016

Brexit: Wait and See (DW)

From Deutsche Welle - "There's a good chance it will never happen".

Will there ever be a Brexit?

Some EU politicians doubt that Prime Minister May really wants to leave the EU.

"The British government isn't legally bound to the referendum," German EU lawmaker Elmar Brok said in an interview. "Britain will never leave," Austrian Interior Minister Hans-Jörg Schelling told Germany's "Handelsblatt" newspaper last month. "Five years from now, they'll still be a member."

How are Londoners coping with Brexit result?

Brexit means Brexit … but the big question is when? The Guardian

The case for delaying Brexit, The Economist - "there are also powerful political reasons to pause before invoking Article 50. Its provisions are biased against would-be leavers. It gives the other 27 EU countries the right to determine the terms for Brexit without Britain even having a vote on them".

Update, Sky News - "Owen Smith Pledges To Block Brexit Unless There Is A Second Vote - The Labour leadership candidate is proposing a second referendum or a General Election to approve the final Brexit deal".

Guardian Opinion Piece - Mary Dejevsky - "The Brexit vote must stand. Owen Smith is wrong to suggest otherwise"

Britain could stay in EU if public opinion shifts, says Tony Blair, The Guardian

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