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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Adherence to a Mediterranean-Style Diet and Effects on Cognition in Adults

From Frontiers in Nutrition

"The Mediterranean-style diet (MedDiet) involves substantial intake of fruits, vegetables, and fish, and a lower consumption of dairy, red meat, and sugars. Over the past 15 years, much empirical evidence supports the suggestion that a MedDiet may be beneficial with respect to reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, and dementia. A number of cross-sectional studies that have examined the impact of MedDiet on cognition have yielded largely positive results".
"Eat like the Greeks" as one tabloid paper summarised the findings...

"Experts say eating like the Greeks with lashings of olive oil can protect against the onset of devastating mental decline. The cure-all regime has long been considered a good way to stave off heart disease. Now scientists have said it is good for the brain too, whatever your age".

In my experience, the Mediterranean diet, at least in Greece, involves a heavy consumption of red meat, feta cheese, and sugars.

Alternatives: The Economist - Science is getting to grips with ways to slow ageing. Rejoice, as long as the side-effects can be managed

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