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Thursday, 3 March 2016

UK/EU - British Expats in EU Countries; Brexit Warning

From The Telegraph - Philip Hammond: Expat Britons could be forced to come home from Costa del Sol if Britain leaves EU

"Britain and Spain might have to agree quotas of Britons and Spaniards who can live in their respective countries, the Foreign Secretary said"

In The Times (3 March): "...Philip Hammond said that the future of the millions of British expats living in places such as France and Spain would be plunged into doubt should the UK leave the UK. In the latest dire warning about the consequences of Brexit, Mr Hammond said that it was not clear what would happen to Britons living on the continent if Britain rejected the EU's freedom of movement rules".

Algarve Daily News report

Brexit anxiety stalks the Costa del Sol: ‘If we quit Europe, Brits won’t buy here’
"Amid warnings over pensions and healthcare, British expats in Spain could be facing an uncertain future after the EU referendum", The Guardian

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