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Monday, 21 March 2016

Cornwall: A Return to Pentewan Sands and the Delectable Duchy

Last here when I was eight years old - a nostalgic trip to Pentewan Sands and the White River:

Then...(not long after the end of the war)

The site yesterday - the 'many-coloured caras' not much in evidence before Easter week 

"Where yonder villa hogs the sea 
Was open cliff to you and me"

John Betjeman

Where I used to fish at the age of six and thereabouts:

On Pentewan: "Not a far cry: three miles down the valley from Sr. Austell to the little china-clay harbour with its large beach and 'Winnick' - grass-covered towans, a splendid play-place...When we were decanted there were the dangers of the beach with the white river to be warned against: so-and-so had been drowned here so many years before".

A. L. Rowse, A Cornish Childhood, 1942.

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