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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

UK: The NHS, Doctors and Clinical Commissioning Groups

From The Times, today's leading article, "Sins of Commission" - "Health reforms have let doctors pay themselves inflated sums through clinical commissioning groups that must be reformed or scrapped"

"With hindsight it is clear that a primary healthcare system in which general practitioners are both buyers and sellers of services was always going to be shot through with conflicts of interest.It should have been clear with a little foresight, too. Instead it has been left to to whistleblowers, independent investigations and The Times to show that doctors on the boards of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are routinely awarding lucrative contracts to surgeries and for-profit healthcare providers in which they have financial stakes. Today we report that some GPs are in a position to be paid twice for the same piece of work - once by a commissioning group and again by care homes buying their services...Whatever happens, GPs cannot be left to pay themselves with £67billion of other people's money".


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