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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hotel Evropi, Hotel Europe, The EU Lodging House: Semiotics, or an image that signifies...

A telling Greek photograph in a Facebook posting by Dimitris N, Maniatis

Photo Credit Unknown (please inform)

"Coordinating body for migration asks Epirus municipalities to allocate venues for refugees -The Coordinating Centre for Management of the Refugee Crisis (CCMRC), the body responsible for overseeing the management of the refugee issue, has asked Epirus Prefecture to allow the use of five unused venues as temporary accommodation centers for refugees and migrants. The venues proposed are a boarding school and a sports field in the village of Doliana, a students' hall in Tsepelovo in Zagori, which closed down on 2010, a section of the runway of the old airport in Katsika at the municipality of Ioannina, the closed military camp in Filippiada and a municipal farmers land in Preveza. In its document sent to local mayors, CCMRC is asking them to give their feedback and comment on it, so as to proceed with the refurbishing of the venues as soon as possible".

Update 9 September 2016, The Guardian:
"Conditions for Greece's migrant children shocking, says Human Rights Watch"

“They Always Say ‘Tomorrow, You’ll Be Free.’”Unaccompanied Children Behind Bars in Greece

"Filiates, Greece, is a small, picturesque town of white stucco houses topped with red tile roofs, and begonias in full bloom. But “Babrak,” a 16-year-old who fled Afghanistan to seek safety in Europe, experienced a much darker side of the town, spending much of his time there locked up in a cramped, dirty cell".

“Why Are You Keeping Me Here?” Unaccompanied Children Detained in Greece - Human Rights Watch

EUObserver: Greece kept child refugees in 'abusive' conditions

EU frontier role strains Aegean islands, The New Athenian

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