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Thursday, 4 February 2016

UK; Life Satisfaction - Happiness and Wellbeing - Best at 70-74?

From The Guardian 

Data from the Office of National Statistics (pdf)

"The ONS asked people to rate their life satisfaction, the degree to which they feel what they do is worthwhile, their happiness and their anxiety. It found that those aged 40-59 were generally the least satisfied among the age groups, with a nadir reached among those aged 50-54.

Those with the highest levels of life satisfaction were aged 70-74, followed closely by 65-69-year-olds and 16-19-year-olds. People aged 75-79 also reported high levels of satisfaction with life, although this declined with age.

Happiness followed a similar pattern, with respondents aged 40-59 generally reporting low levels of happiness, and 50-54-year-olds the least happy of all. Those aged 65-74 were the happiest and people aged 16 to 19 also reported good levels of happiness. Over the age of 75, happiness levels declined, but even those aged over 90 were happier than people in middle age". The Guardian.

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