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Monday, 22 February 2016

A Haunting Song - Raul Scacchi

Antonio Canova

The video (YouTube)

About the album


Similarly haunting is the song "Elvira" - hear the whole album..

Elvira is about Donna Elvira, an abandoned conquest of  Don Giovanni/Don Juan.

Raul Scacchi, Milan 5 June 1950 - Pisa 9 June 2014 - A Tribute Site

From my own tribute:

My great friend Raul Scacchi died in Pisa, Italy on the evening of June 9th, 2014.

I first met Raul and Gioia on Corfu in November 2005, although it seems that I had known them for much longer than that. I am dating our first encounter to a Christmas art and craft fair in Dassia, where Raul had copies of his CD "Emails to Emily" available.

Raul and Gioia moved to Corfu at the beginning of the new millennium, full of optimism and creative energy. I collaborated closely with Raul on the album "Neuromantics", contributing lyrics or ideas for lyrics. We had some tremendous laughs in the process of working on the songs. I continued to give modest editorial and linguistic assistance for many of his English song lyrics for later projects. Raul also did me the honour of arranging a number of my own songs, and setting the lyrics to some much more ambitious, imaginative and adventurous music (entechno or durchkomponiert), rather than my own simple guitar backings.

We often went to their home in Sinarades, and I often took my guitar up the stairs to Raul's recording studio for rehearsals and demo recordings. Raul also played with me at a number of jams and gigs on Corfu.

From Homer and Petrarch to Emily Dickinson, Raul wore his learning lightly; from Verdi to The Beatles, he loved all kinds of music. Originally from Milan, Raul had classical training and for ten years played professionally in many rock and pop music line-ups.

We collaborated often and effectively. I'm just glad he never asked me to write a libretto for an opera. For me, the words come first, then the music; for Raul, the music came first...and the rights of animals.

Raul had much, much more to offer the world, in the fields of visual arts as well as in music.

For many of us, Corfu will never be the same.

RAUL SCACCHI (1950-2014) - Pinterest (Cester Gianpietro)

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