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Friday, 5 December 2014

Parthenon Sculpture on Loan to Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg; "Elgin Marble"; Parthenon Marbles

The Times devoted three full pages to this story, and the editorial.

Prime Minister Samaras on the loan




To Vima

"It is a masterpiece of soft power", Oliver Moody, The Times, December 6, 2014 ("Pericles would approve of the British Museum's marble diplomacy").

I have read some very leaky arguments on all sides of this issue.

Boris Johnson in The Telegraph


Wall Street Journal

New York Times


The Independent, Paul Vallely

Kathimerini, George Vardas

Some early photographs of parts of the Parthenon Frieze (Stephen Thompson, pre 1873)

More information about the photographs

The argument continues...Update May 2015, Kathimerini

Update, Kathimerini, 14 March 2017:

Ανταλλαγή αρχαιολογικών αριστουργημάτων με τα Ελγίνεια;

Greece Offers UK Its Ancient Artefacts as Incentive for Returning the Parthenon Marbles, Greek Reporter

No Specific Proposal Made to British Museum on Parthenon Marbles, Says Greek Culture Ministry, Greek Reporter

Greece’s Culture Ministry, IARPS president dismiss report on Return of Parthenon Marbles, KTG

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