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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Issues in Education, UCL Institute of Education; Why it pays to have a parent who went to university

Just received the Winter edition of UCL Institute of Education Alumni Life

Interesting research and analysis in a study that provides new evidence about the "Great Gatsby Curve"  ("Income inequality, intergenerational mobility and the Great Gatsby Curve: is education the key?" John Jerrim, Lindsey Macmillan)

On another topic, the magazine lists books by members of the IOE alumni community, including one on "British-Islamic identity" by Aminul Hoque:

"How does it feel to be constructed as the violent, terrorist, un-British “other”? To be a minority in a majority situation, to have no sense of belonging, to be voiceless, marginalized and invisible? British-Islamic Identity examines these issues through an ethnographic account of the lives and multifaceted identities of six British-born third generation Bangladeshis from east London".

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