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Monday, 8 December 2014

Dorchester, Dorset: Recycling Centre at Risk; Have Your Say

Article here

Possible changes, consultation

From Dorset For You website:

The options

The possible changes being considered are to:

A. Close one or more of the 11 Dorset HRCs on a permanent basis. (Specific HRCs have not yet been identified and would be subject to further consultation.) Potential savings: Up to £100,000 a year per site

B. Charge for entry at one or more HRCs instead of closing them. Potential savings: £65,000 a year per site

C. Close all HRCs for up to three weekdays. Potential savings: up to £300,000 a year

D. Charge residents to dispose of non-household materials, such as DIY waste and tyres. Potential savings: £250,000 a year

E. Remove the subsidy the DWP pays neighbouring councils for Dorset residents to use their HRCs and ask residents to pay instead (e.g. £5 per visit). Potential savings: £70,000 a year

More than one of these changes may be needed. Please note the potential savings figures are a general guide only.

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