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Sunday, 26 January 2020

Glorious Greece, Sunday Times Travel Greece Special; Paxos; Zagori

I always have mixed feelings when my favourite parts of Greece are given too much high-profile publicity. Overtourism is already a blight in many parts of the country (Julia Bradbury's programme on Santorini, The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury, Episode 3, highlighted that - ITV on Friday).

The Sunday Times Travel Greece Special today has features on the Zagori and on Paxos.

As far as the article on Zagori is concerned, I am puzzled by Russel Herneman's advice, "don't overdo the local cherry liqueur". I've never come across cherry liqueur in the Zagori region. Could he have been referring to tsipouro (nothing to do with cherries)?

‘Every moment I can, I spend on Paxos’ - Travel entrepreneur Victoria Hooberman explains her infatuation with the characterful Ionian island she has visited more than 80 times

The article on Paxos, "Why I adore Paxos", by Victoria Hooberman draws attention to Ben's Bar, at Monodendri beach, and the well-patronised taverna above the beach, run by Ben's mother.

I've spent some great times at that beach, and on Paxos more generally.

It's only natural to want some strict limits set on the further development of vulnerable environments, especially in areas where the infrastructure seems inadequate.

Greece, Tourist Arrivals

Tourism numbers for Greece expected to hit all-time high in 2020

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