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Saturday, 7 September 2019

Lalo, Lalo, Farida Mahwash; Afghan Lullaby

Heard on BBC Radio 3 this morning:

Lalo, Lalo by Farida Mahwash

From Ghazals afghans (Poèmes d'amour séculiers et sacrés)

Another version:

Ustad Mahwash - Lalo lalo (Afghan lullaby )

YouTube translation:

Ha Lalo, Ay Kodak-e Afghan Lalo (Ha lullaby, you the Afghan little child)
Ha Lalo, Ay Kodak-e Afghan Lalo 
The little child with no healing and healer
Bare feet in deserts and valleys, --lalo 
Everywhere is terror, and you in wonder –lalo 
Everyone in sleep, and you in worry – lalo 
Ha Lalo, Ay Kodak-e Afghan Lalo 
The place is cold, where is your bed? 
Ha Lalo, Ay Kodak-e Afghan Lalo 
Where is the hand stroke of your father? 
Where is the Judge for your sufferings and pain? 
Where is the neat and clean home for you? 
The life’s slap mark on your face,
Ha lalo Ha Lalo, Ay Kodak-e Afghan Lalo 
You did have a small, simple home, you did 
You did have a father’s stroking hand on your head 
You did have decent clothes to wear, you did 
You were not this miserable, Khodawand (God) knows 
Oo the young wonderer in life, 
-- lalo Ha Lalo, Ay Kodak-e Afghan Lalo 
Oo my little one, the pouring rain is coming 
The harsh winter turn has arrived 
Yet another suffering beside the lack of food 
For children yet another misery is adding 
Oo the little child without winter clothes, 
--lalo Ha Lalo, Ay Kodak-e Afghan Lalo 
But if you survive all this hardship
You will be the heir of this noble nation 
If you someday achieve knowledge 
If you survive desperation, and will be strong Oo little one
Do not be cruel to people, then Be patient, as Khoda(God) is just!
Khoda is the real judge and the healer 
Who knows the misery of mine and your 
There is response to a deed, remember 
This story now comes to an end, 
-- lalo Ha Lalo, Ay Kodak-e Afghan Lalo 
Ay lalo, ay lalo Ha lalo… Ha lalo…


The sad, soulful voice of Farida Mahwash reminds me of Marika Papagika singing

Τι σε μέλλει εσένανε από πού είμαι εγώ; What does it matter to you where I come from?

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