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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Hydra: Haunted by Leonard Cohen, George Johnston and Charmian Clift

Professor Richard Nile at Douskos

On the walls of Douskos Taverna:

Boy on a Dolphin

Painting by Linniotis Evangelos

Painting by Rappas Panagiotis
(son-in-law/gambros of the taverna owner, Stavros Stef. Douskos)

Katsikas Taverna (now Roloi):

Panayiotis Katsikas at the Roloi (formerly Katsikas Taverna)

Hydra Scenes:

Napoleon presented one of the chandeliers

Peter Bull on Hydra in 1963 (It Isn't All Greek To Me, 1967):

"I decided to visit Hydra. It is absolutely beautiful but at the time of my brief sojourn it was full of Students of Life from England and America who could have found out most of the info for which they were searching in an evening on the King's Road or Forty-Second Street. In fact it was very little different, atmosphere-wise, from what I had just escaped in Spain...Hopefully I sped across Greece in a high-powered bus and ended up in Albert Finney's villa in Corfu".

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