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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Poundbury Bus Stop Poem; Spring Resprung

Some kind soul posted this Roger McGough poem 
at the No. 10 bus stop at Queen Mother Square.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the poem I posted at the bus stop at Poundbury. I am encouraged by your appreciation but the last two poems I posted there were removed within a few days. I wonder if you think it is worth persevering?p.s I was amazed to find your photo when my husband did a google picture search for Poundbury.

  2. I don't use the bus that often so I missed the last two poems. Certainly a great idea! Maybe you should put a second copy in the public announcements box outside Waitrose, if that's permitted? Or you could try to start an official "Poetry at the Bus Stop" project like Poetry on the Underground in the past? Maybe the Duchy or the Residents' Committee could support it?


  3. I don't actually live at Poundbury, I was just looking for suitable bus stops. I have posted at the one by Brewery Square in Dorchester also one in Upwey and sometimes I tie them to trees, I always take them down again as I don't want to cause litter or let them get tatty. I call it, "Poetry Splash" and would rather remain anonymous and unofficial as I like just being able to do it on a whim and chose poems I like. I try to pick ones that are seasonal, uplifting and accessible as I would like to draw in people who don't think they "get" poetry.