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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Κέρκυρα: Ψεκασμοί και ασβέστης στα «βουνά» των απορριμμάτων: Sprays and Lime for Corfu's Rubbish Mountains

Κέρκυρα: Ψεκασμοί και ασβέστης στα «βουνά» των απορριμμάτων, May 30, Corfu TV News

"In addition to the intense odours, there is also a danger to Public Health everywhere, due to the high temperatures of the last few days.

See the photographs: in some areas the garbage has been covered with lime; it's not known whether it was put there by residents or by the municipality.

The Mayor of Corfu, Costas Nikolouzos, in yesterday's press conference mentioned the sprays that are going to be applied in areas where there are large amounts of litter to ensure the Public Health of Corfiots and visitors".

"Πνιγμένη είναι η Κέρκυρα από τα απορρίμματα" - "Corfu scarred, drowning in garbage".

Right now, I'm glad to be leaving the island; I'll come back in two weeks to see if the situation has improved and if the appalling piles of rubbish have been cleared. It's a tragedy.

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