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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Thatched Round Huts Across the Ages (Maiden Castle and Ankobar, Ethiopia); Early Domestic Architecture

I was once given four magnificent plates from Johann Martin Bernatz's Scenes in Ethiopia Designed from Nature, With Descriptions of the Plates and Extracts from a Journal of travel in that Country 

Detail from Plate 32, The Highlands of Shoa
Interior of the Town of Ankobar, and view of Mount Emmamret.

When walking on Maiden Castle, Dorset, this morning, I came across some new English Heritage signs with illustrations depicting how the round huts of the Iron Age inhabitants probably looked.

"Inside the hill forts, families lived in round houses. These were simple one-roomed homes with a pointed thatched roof and walls made from wattle and daub (a mixture of mud and twigs). In the centre of a round house was a fire where meals were cooked in a cauldron. Around the walls were jars for storing food and beds made from straw covered with animal skins".

BBC (above)

Club Med, Dassia, Corfu, 1960s:

From 'Kerkyra'. 

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