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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Lee Durrell on Corfu and Erimitis; Gerald Durrell

"Gerald Durrell’s widow: my family and other animals fear for Corfu". Her late husband, Gerald, recoiled as ‘carbuncles’ sprouted on his island haven. Now Lee Durrell pleads against a huge development, Sign in to The Times to read more

"The clock cannot be turned back, no matter how hard we try, but the exigencies of modern times can be challenged, especially as we learn from our mistakes. Corfiots, other Greeks and foreigners who love the island have learnt that uncontrolled and insensitive development has taken a serious toll on Corfu and its environment. We also know short-term gain by the few at the expense of the many is not acceptable in a small island community. Many in Corfu and elsewhere have already raised their voices against the development of Erimitis. We should continue to do so loudly until the situation is resolved in favour of Corfu and no one will ever turn their back, muttering “carbuncles”, on the enchanting headland of the Hermit".


A libation of Durrells, Richard Pine, Times Literary Supplement, May 23, 2018

Log in to read the full article or see the print edition of May 23.

"Corfiots have mixed feelings about both the Durrell legacy and the television series. They continue to take pride in the fact that Corfu is famous today as a cultural and ecological wonderland, because of the Durrells’ writings. But they are ambivalent about the benefits of tourism relative to its gradual erosion of that culture and natural beauty. One of Gerald’s old haunts, the pristine headland of Eremitis, has been acquired by the US-based NCH Capital Inc which plans to build a resort with 1,000 beds, condominium villas, a shopping mall and a marina. The beauty which tourists pay to enjoy will actually be sited beneath the concrete on which they place their sunloungers". May 22.

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