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Sunday, 18 March 2018

William Barnes in Black and White; Dorchester, Dorset; Statues with Snow

All photos, Jim Potts

'Twer at night, an' a keen win' did blow...
All a-zweepen along the white snow"

(A Snowy Night)

"Come, run up hwome wi’ us to-night,
Athirt the vield avroze so white,
Where vrosty sheades do lie below
The winter ricks a-tipp’d wi’ snow,
An’ lively birds, wi’ waggen tails,
Do hop upon the icy rails,
An’ rime do whiten all the tops
O’ bush an’ tree in hedge an’ copse,
In winds a-cutten keen".

From The Vrost, William Barnes

Fellow Townsman, Thomas Hardy:

Up in Poundbury:

William Barnes, back in December, 2010:

Thomas Hardy in December 2010:

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