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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

UK: National Security Capability Review (NSCR)

The NSCR includes a new national security doctrine, the Fusion Doctrine, from

From the Prime Minister:

"So as this report sets out, we have agreed a new approach to the orchestration of our national security capabilities. Based on the new Fusion Doctrine, this approach will ensure that in defending our national security we make better use of all of our capabilities: from economic levers, through cutting-edge military resources to our wider diplomatic and cultural influence on the world’s stage"

Some extracts:

Global Britain 

"We will strengthen our overseas network so that we can reinvest in our relationships around the world, champion the rules-based system including free trade, and use our soft power to project our values and advance UK interests. 

1. Global Britain means the UK as an open, inclusive and outward facing free-trading global power playing a leading role on the world stage. We are reinvesting in our relationships around the world. We are championing free trade and the international rules-based system. And we are using our soft power to project our values and advance UK interests. 

9. We are investing £291 million to 2020 in the BBC World Service to increase access to trusted news and information. We continue to invest in the British Council as a world leader in promoting cultural relations and educational opportunities. Their major programme this year ‘Active Citizens’ builds understanding and trust between communities locally and globally and has trained 55,000 people in 2016/17.

11. How the UK is perceived matters. Building on these investments, we will create a cross-government soft power strategy, while respecting the independence of the BBC World Service, British Council and the many British institutions and brands that contribute to our soft power. We will use the GREAT campaign to support the UK’s future relationship with European countries and to continue to promote the UK and be a powerful outreach tool worldwide. We will develop options to improve visa service delivery through the FCO and Home Office."

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