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Friday, 30 March 2018

South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Poetry Apps, Maiden Castle and Eggardon Hill

"Simply download the relevant App to your phone, there is one for Eggardon Hill and one for Maiden Castle, take along some headphones and head out for your walk. When you walk into an area where one of the readings is 'located' the App will recognise that location and play the relevant reading, allowing you to hear poetry written by local people about a special place in that very place".

Eggardon Hill and Maiden Castle

On the Maiden Castle app:

"What to expect? You can start at any point within the site boundary and walk in any direction to experience the poetry park. Please explore the entire site – including banks, ditches, and central area. There are 39 poems hidden here; explore and see how many you can find! Remember that poems will not always be hidden on the obvious pathways. Exploring the entire site takes a minimum of 50 mins. Remember, it’s rewarding to stop and listen when you find a particularly evocative or longer poem. The core themes explored are: Archaeology, Pre-history, Roman occupation and Godesses, Myths and legends, Flora and Fauna, and poetic responses to the landscape. The poems installed in these Poetry Parks are the result of creative writing workshops. Ralph Hoyte (Bristol based spatial poet) led adult workshops and Martin Maudsley (storyteller) worked with primary school children. Poetry readings were recorded by David Rogers and Mandy Rathbone. Thanks to Steve Wallis senior archaeologist from Dorset County Council for sharing inspiring stories of the sites during the workshops. Poems were written and read by the following contributors: Aradia Zamora, David Ian Burns, Maria Donovan, Sharon Cowling, Ralph Hoyte; plus Year 4 Pupils from St Nicholas & St Laurence School (Archie, Carla, Chester, Edward, Eloise, Georgia F, Georgia R, Hannah, Isla, Jamie, Jude, Logan, Mollie, Shannon, Tom, and Zac)."

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