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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Trains and Coaches Cancelled...Dorchester and Weymouth

My daughter couldn't return to London by train yesterday, because of the adverse weather conditions. She had paid in advance for a ticket with South Western Railways, from Dorchester South to Waterloo.

Today she had to get to Weymouth by 8.15am to catch the 8.45 National Express coach to London. She had booked her ticket and seat reservation, everything was in order. There was nothing on the website to inform us that the service had been cancelled. We waited in the cold, with other travelers, for an hour. No one came to inform us that the coach would not be coming. Frustrated people slowly drifted away.

(A thousand thanks to our kind neighbours for taking her to Weymouth in their Range Rover).

Eventually she managed to book a taxi to London. It would have cost £210 to her West London address. Having spent so much on train and coach tickets, she settled on a fare to Heathrow (£130), and was lucky to find a driver willing to take her at short notice. She will then have to take the Heathrow Express and a tube train or taxi after that.

If the roads are clear enough for a taxi, why not for a coach?

No wonder people are reluctant to come to Dorset!

Waiting for the coach that never came.

Thank you, National Express!!!

12 photos. Thursday, from Dorset Echo

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