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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Plastic Particles and the Food Chain

Tiny plastic particles are strewn all the way along the food chain,Tom Bawden,

“If polystyrene nanobeads can pass so easily up through the food chain and cause tissue damage and behavioural changes in fish, where do the implications end? Are we also eating nanoplastics?” said Dr David Santillo.

How much of the plastic in our oceans ends up on our plate? Tom Bawdem, inews

The plastic nightmare, the Prince's ‘deep frustration’ at the world ‘ignoring’ the crisis, Mail Online

"Many of you, I know, shared my deep frustration that the world was seemingly just turning a blind eye to this mounting evidence".

Dorset Wildlife Trust's plea for plastic-free county, Dorset Echo

Manta Ray filmed swimming through plastic bags and other rubbish off Bali, Euronews, Video

This is something I wrote on the Greek island of Skiathos, 35 years ago:

Skiathos, The Medusae- and Plastic-Crowded Sea

The sea was thick as pasta soup
With jellyfish both big and small;
Every year they multiply,
Purple, brown, transparent.
Beside them, washed up on the beaches,
Bags and bottles, flip-flops, potties,
Limbs of dolls and flotsam toys:
A plague upon this plastic waste!

Invading army, invincible warriors,
Imperishable, never to decompose,
It litters the coastline, like cuttlebone clutter.
Indestructible, non-degradable,
The pile of petroleum product grows.
Ajax! Most of the bottles are aptly labelled.
Ajax! Warrior bottle, I name the foe,
These, the real Men o’ War.

The contents may have cleaned a house,
But the containers foul the ocean.

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