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Friday, 9 February 2018

Graffiti - Nautical Graffiti - Isaac Gulliver; A CD of Nautical and Dorset Songs

Song of A Dorset smuggler

"This collection of songs begins with the sad tale of the sinking of Henry VIII’s Mary Rose and includes tales of Pirates, Smugglers, Mermaids, Press Gangs, and concludes with the death of Admiral Lord Nelson and the British victory at Trafalgar".

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Graffiti - Nautical Graffiti - The Victory

Weymouth musician Will Adams on Nautical Graffiti- an album oozing with Dorset history and catchy songs, Dorset Echo

"A Dorset band has commemorated the 250th anniversary of the launch of a famous ship, through song. Weymouth band Graffiti has released the album Nautical Graffiti, which is dedicated to HMS Victory and her crew. The album has a distinct Dorset flavour to it and was recorded at the Blue Room in Bournemouth".

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