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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Jazz-Age Britain: Art and Design

The art and design of jazz-age Britain, Ella Hill, The Economist 1843 Magazine

"An exhibition in London shows the impact of jazz on British culture between the two world wars":

“Rhythm and Reaction: the Age of Jazz in Britain”, 'a small but ambitious exhibition at Two Temple Place in London'.

William Patrick Roberts, “The Dance Club” or “The Jazz Party” (1923)

"This painting of an underground dance party shows us one reason why jazz was so divisive. For some, this scene would have been one of excitement. The room vibrates with energy and sound as the horn of the gramophone juts out into the midst of the dancers. For others, the jazz scene represented immorality, with jazz clubs painted in the media as dens of drugs and vice. By giving in to the wild music, these dancers were exposing themselves to other temptations – in the corner, a couple engage in a frenzied embrace, while on the dance floor a dress strap slips suggestively".


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