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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Greece: Small Farmers, Taxes and Subsidies; Small Plots and Olive Groves; Legal Loopholes Closing

From Reuters - Privileges threatened, days may be numbered for Greece's 'everyman' farmers

NAXOS, GREECE - BY Deepa babington and Lefteris Papadimas

"The changes would mark the end of an era for Greek farming, a sector dominated by small-scale farmers who thrived in recent decades thanks to an influx of EU funds and benefits aimed at making up for a lack of economies of scale and ensuring the country preserved its agricultural sector...The lenders say farming should now simply be brought in line with other professions. In a country where inheriting a tiny olive grove or a small patch of land in the countryside is common, the changes would also end the incentive to declare oneself a farmer in order to enjoy preferential tax treatment. Farming has also been beset with legal loopholes: until recently, the size of land held rather than output determined eligibility for farmers' benefits, allowing some Greeks cultivating small plots for their own use to enjoy the perks".

Frankfurter Allgemeine report 8 August 2015

"Zu dem Paket gehört eine Kürzung der Verteidigungsausgaben, sie sollen in diesem und im nächsten Jahr um zusammen 500 Millionen Euro sinken. Berufe und Dienstleistungen sollen geöffnet werden – ein Schlag gegen Monopolstrukturen. Subventionen für Bauern sollen schrittweise entfallen. Es handle sich um „sehr substantielle und weitreichende Reformschritte“, urteilten die Institutionen in einer ersten Bewertung für die Finanzstaatssekretäre der EU-Mitgliedsstaaten, die der F.A.S. vorlag".

Telegraph report -  Greece inches closer to third bail-out deal but Finns insist rescue package 'won't work'

Corfu Press on the KKE position

...and on the opening of the professions, eg of tour operators - το φαινόμενο των οργανωμένων παράνομων ξεναγήσεων από τους Τουr Operators σε όλη τη χώρα.

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