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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

England's Heritage: Maiden Castle Temple; English Heritage

I felt obliged to write to English Heritage this morning, because of the state of the signboard at the Romano-British Temple on Maiden Castle. It has been broken and lying on the ground for many months, covered with mud and sheep-droppings. The sheep rub their backs against the signboard, that's probably how it was broken.

"....whoso stays,
And climbs the turf-way to thy tabled top.
Shall reap a fuller wonder; shall behold
Thy girdled area, of itself a plain,
Where widely feeds the scattered flock; shall mark
Thy trenches, complicate with warlike art".

Update, September 1 - some more photos for English Heritage:

Update, February 2016:

I'm pleased to report that the signboard has been replaced - although it is not protected. It was difficult to walk up and down the paths because the sheep have churned up all the mud. The whole site is now heavily overgrazed. The number of sheep should surely be reduced.


  1. Hi Jim, I love this post and that you care, the reconstruction on the board is mine as are the others on site, although I don't like this recon very much it is miserable as was I when I painted it. Your photos cover the incident very clearly, it is obvious that the sheep can not see the board so one of them has removed it carefully so not to damage it. Having better viewed my work they don't think much of it and so make their comments.
    Beautiful words from John Kenyon.
    All the Best, Peter

  2. Thanks for the splendid comment, Peter. I admire the reconstruction painting. The sheep are delighted to be able to get so close to it!

    Best wishes, Jim