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Monday, 10 August 2015

Greece: Amphipolis Tomb, Revised Dating - Late Hellenistic Period

From Avgi - Σύμφωνα με αυτοψία κλιμακίου του ΥΠΠΟ, τα ευρήματα χρονολογούν το μνημείο στα ύστερα ελληνιστικά χρόνια - Ο τάφος της Αμφίπολης όχι μόνο δεν έκρυβε τον διάσημο νεκρό μακεδονικής βασιλικής οικογένειας που ονειρευόταν η προηγούμενη κυβέρνηση, αλλά το μνημείο δεν ανήκει καν στους μακεδονικούς χρόνους. Αντιθέτως, η χρονολόγησή του διολισθαίνει από τον 4ο π.Χ αιώνα στους ύστερους ελληνιστικούς χρόνους, δηλαδή το β' μισό του 2ου-1ου αι. π.Χ.

Political manipulation? Avgi again.

Kathimerini - A Year On - "The way the excavation was carried out and (its) promotion... had elements of a show," Xydakis said in a televised interview in March..."

"Leftist daily Avgi, the newspaper of the ruling SYRIZA party, on Sunday said a group of experts had dated the tomb to the first or second century BC -- up to 300 years after Alexander’s death, and it dismissed efforts to link the monument to his family as a "fiasco". The head archaeologist at Amphipolis, Katerina Peristeri, fired off an angry letter to the newspaper to defend her evaluation.
"The tomb complex was built in the final quarter of the fourth century BC (325-300 BC)... and was used until Roman times," Peristeri said. "The Macedonians sealed it for protection in the second century BC," she said, adding that a full evaluation would be made in the autumn".

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