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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Greece: Teething Problems? All-Inclusive

European Parliament President to visit Athens

Markets Tumble


All-Inclusive Resorts

"He has promised to curb the type of mass tourism that Greece has developed in the last few decades.

Deals to sell public land to mega-resort developers could be banned and VAT rules are likely to be changed to hit existing holiday developments with higher taxes.

Mr Tsipras said: ‘We do not want to continue the current saturated model of intensive exploitation of tourism.’

The new regime says it does not support an outright ban, but wants to encourage a move away from the all-inclusive resorts back to the traditional holiday model where visitors use local bars, restaurants and attractions".

New York Times article

BBC Newsnight, George Papandreou (BBC iPlayer from 13.55 mark)

The new Minister of the Interior (MSNBC)

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